Winter ABC Day 28: A Letter To My Fellow Bloggers

Dear Bloggers,

I cannot believe it is Day 28 already. I feel it came so quickly. But my ability to keep up and stay committed comes from the fact that I was not doing this alone.

I have always looked out for your posts. It has been the fuel that has inspired my writing. We do share a lot in common as Africans and it has been my pleasure meeting all of you.

To you Joseyphina I know this is not the first time I’m writing to you. I emailed you some time back because I was thrilled about how you got over 3,000 follows. I still remember your response very well. “It takes time and consistency to build your following ” I remember very well. Though I have not been very consistent after your advice, I always get notifications from you in my inbox daily that serves as a reminder.

I have always admired your style of writing and consistency. I always ask myself what job you have, and how you are able to write a post a day.

Beaton from Zimbabwe. Through your writings I have lived the Zimbabwean experience. Thank you for sharing your ideas with the world.

Nakaundii my friend from Zambia . I’m glad we met. I have seen life through your lens. Akosua Nakaundii

Odenbruce You have been an inspiration too. I enjoyed reading from your blog.

Bex from Zambia: Afua Bex; that is how I call you. We share so much of our pregnancy and childbirth journey in common. I’m glad our paths crossed. It is great to know that someone has walked the same path as me. It was so easy sharing our stories to each other.I will still be keeping in touch and following you after this challenge.

Ria my Nigeria sister. You know the fact that we are 45 minutes apart by air means we share so much in common. I always read the Nigerian view through your post.

To my girlfriend Yom , My following would not have grown this much if not for you. I would not have met all these beautiful people if I had not entered this challenge . Thank you once again.

To AfroBloggers thank you for creating this amazing community of Bloggers.

Yours sincerely,







8 thoughts on “Winter ABC Day 28: A Letter To My Fellow Bloggers

  1. Dear Nana
    Its been an awesome journey and here’s to hoping the consitency from the challenge rubs on the rest of year, well maybe not blogging everyday as some *eyes Joseyphina* but well on a more regular tip maybe 3000 followers is not so impossible please dont ask me how many I have though ha!
    Glad you joined in on some Zim experience

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